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Finals Schedule and Information

November 29, 2016

Final Exams




Final Exams

Final exams are mandatory for all classes.  Final exams are administered at the end of each semester.  Specific dates and times will be established for the administration of final exams.  The intent of this final exam policy is to a) add credibility to the end of each semester, b) prepare students for ACT/SAT and final exams in college, c) require students to work on study skills for test preparation and strategies for test taking such as time management, d) emphasize retention of information, organization, note taking, and keeping track of semester assignments to use in studying, e) prepare students for a career requiring a basic skills test, and f) increase accountability for learning and teaching.

Exemptions not applicable this semester!

Final Exam Exemptions

  • Juniors and Seniors may earn exemptions for only the second semester (spring) exams.
  • Exemptions are earned per class and may only be used for that specific class.
  • Students must meet both of the following criteria.
    • 90% overall class grade one week before the first day of final exams. The second semester overall grade is based on the average of the third nine-week grade and the current 4th nine-week grade.  Teacher ease is currently configured to determine this grade.
    • No out-of-school suspensions.
    • 94% or better attendance. Long-term medical situations may be at the discretion of the principal.


  • Students must meet 1 of the 2 following criteria.
    • No discipline referrals.
    • No in-school suspensions.


Please review with your class

Final Exam Grading

  • Teachers are required to give final exams at the end of the semester. Special Education courses are to conduct final exams to meet the needs and accommodations of individual special education students. 
  • Final Exams shall constitute 15% of the course grade.
  • Calculating final grades (based on final exams counting for 15% of the student’s grade).
    • *Final Grade= (Semester/Nine Week Grade as a %) (.85) + (Final Exam Grade as a %) (.15)
    • Example: 
      • Student semester/nine week grade is a 86.4% (.864)
      • Student final exam grade is a 60% (.60)
      • Use the formula above (*) to calculate the final grade
        • Final Grade= (86.4) (.85) + (60) (.15)
        • Final Grade=73.44 + 9.0
        • Final Grade=82.44
    • This particular student would have a C (82.4) for a final grade.
    • Final Exam General Guidelines/Procedures

    • Students taking IVCC college courses are allowed to arrive at school for the start of their first final exam.  Please read below for guidelines on arriving late.
    • IVVC students will go to IVVC on both Day 1 and Day 2(depending on IVVC schedule).  IVVC students will follow the normal final exam schedule upon returning from IVVC.   
    • 5th hour lunch period: will run as normal, just at different times.  Lunch will be provided on day 1 and day 2 of finals.
    • 6th hour lunch period: will run as normal, just at different times.  Lunch will be provided on day 1 and day 2 of finals.

    • Students who fail to take final exams without a reasonable excuse that is accepted by the administration will be given a failing grade for that examination.  Students that cause a disruption or discipline problem during a final exam will be given a failing grade for that examination and possible disciplinary action.
    • Arriving Late/Leaving Early

    • Students are allowed to arrive at school for the start of their first final exam.  You do not need to be in attendance until the beginning of your first final exam.  You are allowed to arrive at school ten minutes before the beginning of your first final exam.  Upon arriving, you must sign in at the office.  Students that choose to come in later for the beginning of their first exam are responsible for their transportation to school.
            • For example, on Day 1 your first final exam is 3rd period, you do not have to be at school until the start of your 3rd period exam.  You may arrive at school at 9:20.
    • Remember, once you are at school, you are here until you are completely finished with exams for that day. 
    • Final Exam Testing Dates

    • Testing will occur the last week of the semester/nine weeks.
    • 1st semester ends December 22, 2017.  Final exams for the 1st semester will be on December 20 (odd periods) and December 21 (even periods) and December 22 (7th and 8th periods).
    • For freshmen through juniors, 2nd semester final exams dates are tentatively scheduled for May 18 (even periods) and May 21 (odd periods) and May 23, 2018 (7th and 8th periods).  A final date will be determined when the last day of the school year is set and approved.
    • Seniors will take second semester final exams the last week of attendance for seniors. The senior graduation practice and activity day typically occurs on Thursday of the last week of attendance for seniors
    •                                        FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE
      • Day 1 (Dec. 20 )

        1st Period                                             8:10-9:25

        3rd Period                                             9:30-10:45

        6th period lunch                                    10:50 – 11:20

        5th Period                                             10:50-12:05

        5th Period lunch                                   12:05-12:45

        The buses will leave promptly at 12:47 for high school students


        Day 2 (Dec. 21)

        2nd Period                                             8:10-9:25

        4th Period                                             9:30-10:45

        5th hour lunch                                      10:50-11:20

        6th Period                                             10:50-12:05

        6th Period lunch                                   12:05-12:45

        The buses will leave promptly at 12:47 for high school students


        Day 3 (Dec. 22)

        7th Period                                             8:10-9:25

        8th Period                                             9:30-10:45


        The buses will leave promptly at 10:50 for high school students        


        On Day 1 and Day 2 of final exams, students who need a ride home must sign up in the office so transportation can be arranged to take you home.  Students needing a ride home are required to stay for lunch; buses will leave from the front of the school.













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