Serena CUSD2 will utilize emergency days/school cancellations to address conditions that are detrimental to student and staff safety.  Emergency days will be used under the following conditions: *When road conditions do not allow for safe travel to and from school *When the temperature (with windchill) drops below -35 degrees                #SEE CHART BELOW *When the mechanical systems of the school do not provide safe and adequate learning conditions

Use of emergency days and school cancellations are established and follow the guidelines listed below.

1. The Superintendent, Transportation Director, and Maintenance Director will be driving district roads and communicating road conditions to each other by 4:30 a.m.

2. The Superintendent and Transportation Director will be consulting with contacts in the following areas by 5:30 a.m.:          a. Serena Township          b. Freedom Township          c. Dayton Township
         d. Rutland Township  e. Miller Township     f.  Mission Township          g. US 52 from 12th Road to 27th Road          h. Route 23/Route 71/Hoxsey Road from 35th Road to 42nd Road           i. LaSalle County IDOT

3. A phone and/or text message will be sent out to all CUSD2 families and staff as early as possible after assessing the roads and communicating with the above contacts. All attempts will be made to cancel school by 6:00 a.m. 4.  A list of school cancellations can be found on the Ottawa Times website   (http://www.mywebtimes.com) and WSPY radio station website (http://www.wspyfm.com).