August 18, 2020

 Dear CUSD #2 Parents, Students, and Community Members,

Good Evening!

Today was a good day and went much better than anyone expected!  I am very proud of our students and teachers.  They did an excellent job acclimating to their new environment today.  I believe in “learning” by doing and today we had many first-time experiences that were handled well.  The best part, I know we will get better with time.  We will continue to try, succeed, fail, learn, and grow until we get this process as perfect as possible.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we go through this process together.     

 In addition, as you know, we had an unanticipated challenge this morning.  A power line behind the high school Ag shop went down.  It was a live wire so we immediately secured the area and kept people away and moved cars to make space for the Ameren trucks and workers that were on their way.  Ameren’s initial reports were pessimistic and if they could not fix our problem promptly, (restore electricity); we would also be without water pressure in both the middle school and high school for the remainder of the day.   Therefore, the administrative team decided to move all lunches up and prepare for an early dismissal.  (At the very least, we wanted to ensure that all students would have an opportunity to eat lunch if we did indeed have to send all students home early.)  Fortunately, around 11:30 a.m., Ameren was able to restore full power allowing us to restore full water pressure.  We are very appreciative of how quickly Ameren responded and fixed our problem. 

 It was a challenging day today but we are ready to try again tomorrow, day two.  I hope that we will not have any surprises tomorrow but if we do, we will handle them accordingly as the administrative team did today.  I was also impressed today as I visited each school to see students and teachers social distancing and wearing their masks diligently.  There were many smiling faces and it appeared everyone had a genuine happiness to be back.  Transportation also went smoothly this morning and in the afternoon.  All initial signs, other than the loss of electricity this morning, were very positive.  As we continue to move forward, I have listed some reminders for everyone to review as we continue through this week. 

Reminders for this Week:

  • Students must wear a mask to board a bus and/or to enter a school building and they must wear it throughout the school day.
  • Students must have a Boarding Pass to board a bus and cannot board without one.
  • If parents can drive their students to school, please do so.  Every student that is driven by a parent helps us to better social distance on the bus.   
  • If a student is dropped off by a parent and has a Boarding Pass, they can enter the school building directly after presenting the pass.  If they do not have a Boarding Pass, they must have their temperature taken prior to entering the building. 
  • There will be random temperature checks throughout the school day to ensure everyone’s safety to the fullest.   
  • The doors for all schools will not officially open until 7:45 a.m. and the official start of the school day will remain 8:05. 
  • Release times will be earlier for the first five weeks of school, at the very least.  The MS and HS will release at 1:30 and the ELE schools will release at 1:45.  
  • The first five Fridays will be non-student attendance days.   Students will remain home while teachers will report to their individual schools for Professional Development activities.  (August 21, 28 and September 4, 11, 18)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your building principal directly.  I am sure they will be more than happy to assist you.  I would also like to thank the parents for their patience and support.  It is greatly appreciated.


Spencer Byrd-Superintendent

Community Unit School District #2