Winter Athletic Update

November 6, 2020

Dear Community Unit School District #2,

Boys and Girls Basketball Season-Update

The upcoming boys and girls basketball seasons, for both middle school and high school, are on indefinite hold due to the ongoing conflict between the Governor/Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) and the Illinois High School Association (IHSA).  Once this conflict is resolved, it will be our intention and hope to offer a winter basketball season under regulations and guidelines that are approved by the both IDPH and IHSA.

As long as the Governor/IDPH has ruled winter basketball to be a “high risk” sport, we cannot legally play basketball.  If we were to play basketball, defying their legal guidance, our insurance coverage for boys and girls basketball would be null and void.   

On the morning of November 4, the Little Ten conducted a conference meeting where nine out of eleven schools, based on the current IDPH guidance, are planning to postpone and/or cancel their basketball seasons based on these concerns.  (The two outliers were undetermined at the time of the meeting, but were also leaning towards postponing and/or canceling as well, pending legal counsel advisement.)

I would like to assure our community members that the school board is taking this decision seriously and we all understand the benefits that after school athletic programs can offer our children.  It is our hope that the Governor/IDPH and IHSA can reach an agreement soon.

Middle School Volleyball Season-Update

The middle school volleyball season is in a similar situation.  They have been determined by IDPH to be of “medium risk”.  Medium risk means they can practice in large groups but they cannot play against other teams from other schools.  We are currently considering the continuance of open-gym opportunities so that the players can continue to practice, as they have been, as we hope they will be eventually be allowed by IDPH to compete against other schools.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this high school athletic information, please contact Dean Derango, Serena High School Athletic Director via email  or Mr. Randy Goodbred, Middle School Athletic Director, via email


Spencer Byrd-Superintendent

Community Unit School District #2