Dear Parents, Students, and Staff,

In-person instruction will resume on Monday, December 7.  As we have continued to monitor the COVID data, we feel that locally we can achieve our goal of returning to in-person instruction on Monday, December 7, and continue in-person instruction through the weeks up until winter break.  (The last day of school, prior to the start of winter break, is Tuesday, December 22.)  These two weeks will be extremely helpful as we bring closure to the first semester of this school year.

Also, there were also two early-release SIP afternoons scheduled and part of the original 2020-2021 school calendar that fell between Monday, December 7, and Tuesday, December 22.  Those early-release SIP afternoons have been canceled and replaced with Regular School days.  (Regular School day release times are 1:30 for the MS and HS, and 1:45 for both ELE schools.)  This will allow us to add back some of our lost in-person instructional time, hopefully.

In addition, I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holiday and were able to get some rest and relaxation.  As we near December 7, please try to be cognizant of your health and your families’ health.   In order for us to reach our goal of in-person instruction for the next two weeks, we will need everyone to monitor their health closely and stay at home if symptoms were to develop.  Anyone who does not feel well should contact his or her health care provider to determine if testing is needed.  Anyone who develops severe symptoms should seek medical care.

We are committed to providing your child and our staff with a safe and healthy environment. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing cooperation with our COVID prevention policies and procedures as we work to help protect your children, your families, and our staff and their families.  See you on Monday!


Superintendent Spencer Byrd