Weather Report - 01.25.2021

Dear Parents, Staff, and Students,

There has been a lot of speculation the last day or two about some inclement weather that may or may not be heading our way.  I hate to speculate too far in advance based on weather reports but today we did cancel all after-school MS and HS athletics and activities.  We thought it would be best to get everyone home after school today, and safe, just in case this bad weather does come in tonight. 

Tonight, if the snow does come, we will monitor the snowfall closely.  If we feel we have to implement a full-remote learning day tomorrow due to an unusually large amount of snowfall tonight, we will make that decision in the early morning and you will be contacted via an all-call verbal message early in the morning.  If you do not receive a call, that will indicate school will be in session, as usual. 

Students and teachers were informed around 1:00 today, that if indeed the snow comes tonight, they should prepare for a full remote learning day for tomorrow.  So, hopefully, both teachers and students are ready and prepared for our first snow-related remote learning day, if indeed we have to implement it tomorrow. 

At this point in time, around 5:00 pm, the snow appears to be starting but with little to no accumulation.  As I stated earlier, we will monitor the snowfall and if needed, make a decision in the morning.  If you have to travel this evening, please be careful.  

Spencer Byrd-Superintendent