Serena Grade School
Student-Athlete Concussion Testing Procedures

Please follow the steps below when conducting a baseline concussion assessment and/or a post-injury concussion assessment. The data collected from these assessments can be used to help guide medical professionals when making decisions about a student-athlete’s medical condition if an injury occurs during athletic activity.

All student-athletes will have a baseline concussion assessment completed prior to the start of any athletic season. All student-athletes will also have a post-injury concussion assessment completed after a suspected concussion while participating in that particular sport/activity (if applicable).

Concussion Baseline & Post-Injury Assessment Procedures


  1. Login in using the following information and click “Athlete Assessment Login”

    1. Username: Serenaathletics

    2. Password: Cornhusker

  2. Enter Athlete ID: Serenaathletics and click “Take the Test”

  3. Fill in the following fields and click “OK”:

    1. Athlete/Reference ID: Serenaathletics

    2. Birth Date

    3. Assessment Type: Baseline or Post Injury

    4. Full Name

    5. Assessment: Concussion Vital Signs

    6. Testing Supervision: Supervised by athletic trainer or school personnel

    7. Testing Environment

  4. Complete the Concussion Vital Signs assessment

  5. Notify the coach and/or school personnel when competing