SMS Student Council

Student Council at Serena Middle School consists of elected officers from 6-8 grade. Officers are elected at the beginning of each school year. The students who decide to run for election will give advertise their agenda for office and give a speech to the middle school students. Then, the middle school students will vote for the officers that they would like to see run Student Council for the remainder of the school year. Throughout the year, non-elected students are asked to volunteer on committees to help with various activities and events.

Student Council is Advised by:

  • Mrs. Megan Crutchett

  • Mrs. Jenna Goldman

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student council


  Officers will be the representatives of SMS and are expected to strive for excellence.  Upon elections, the student body should be sure to select officers that they feel will be leaders, role models and motivators.  Officers should be organized, positive, enthusiastic, school spirited and communicators. If those characteristics describe you...please consider running for one of the following positions:


  • 8th Grade Student

  • Develop agenda for each meeting

  • Lead Meetings (keep on task)

  • Organize various events (including food drive)

  • Delegate responsibilities and committee assignments

Vice President:

  • 8th Grade Student

  • Collaborate with President to develop agenda and lead meetings

  • Plan and organize school dance


  • 7th Grade Student

  • Take notes at meeting (on Google Docs to be shared with entire Council)

  • Inform student body

    1. Bulletin Board

    2. Handouts

    3. Posters

    4. Assemblies


  • 7th Grade Student

  • Deal with Council finances

  • Organize fundraisers

Class Representatives:

  • 1 8th Grade, 1 7th Grade, 2 6th Grade

  • Form and work on committees as assigned by officers

  • Help inform student body of Council activity

  • Talk with classmates (in all groups) to bring ideas and feedback to the Council meetings