September 14, 2021

Dear CUSD #2 Parents, Students, and Community Members, Faculty and Staff,

Congratulations! We are starting week #5 of the school year!

Who would have guessed in August that we would make it this far?  We completed week four of our Return-to-Learn plan and we are starting week five.  The reason we made it this far is because of the passion and dedication of our faculty and staff and the support of our community.  Now, we need to continue to move forward and start planning even further into the future.    

As we make our way into week five, we will be using the last of our five extra Teacher Institute days that ISBE awarded school districts at the beginning of the school year.  (These five extra days were needed to help schools manage the COVID crisis.)  Now, that these TI Fridays are about to expire, we are preparing to run a few full Remote Learning days on Fridays to finish out the 1st Quarter of the school year.  Future Friday Remote Learning days will be September 25, October 2, and October 16.

Teachers have been planning for the possibility of going full remote since the start of the school year but thankfully, we have not.   Our teachers and administrators have been working diligently on these plans and we feel this is a good opportunity for us try our plans and benefit from the practice. 

During Remote Learning days, students will be expected to complete schoolwork while at home.  Parents should anticipate teachers sending schoolwork home with directions on Thursday, September 24.  On Friday the 25, students will work from home and teachers will work from school.  Teachers will be teaching virtually and/or making themselves available for questions and answers virtually.

Reminder, this Remote Learning experience will look different between buildings and grade levels.  Every building has different challenges.  A Remote Learning plan for a 1st grade student will look significantly different from a plan for a high school student.  Teachers are, and have been, trying to individualize Remote Learning plans as best they can for the benefit of their students.       

Future Fridays:

9/18-Teacher Institute Day

9/25-Remote Learning Day

10/2-Remote Learning Day

10/9-Teacher Institute Day (one of our original four TI days)

10/16-Remote Learning Day (end of the First Quarter)

10/23-School Closed (due to PT conferences)


Remote Learning days should also help us accomplish our goals of staying open, sustaining what we have built the past four weeks, and avoiding the possibility of a long-term forced remote learning situation.  If we can make it to October 16, the end of the 1st Quarter, that will be a significant accomplishment.  In addition, if we can make it through the first nine weeks, I think we have a good chance of making it to winter break.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your building principal directly.  I am sure they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 


Spencer Byrd-Superintendent

Community Unit School District #2